Celebrities and Critics lauds ‪Kochadaiiyaan‬ for it's cutting edge technology

Soundarya Rajnikanth Ashwin has used cutting-edge photorealistic technology — seen in Hollywood masterpieces like Avatar, The Adventures Of Tintin and Beowulf — in her directorial debut Kochadaiiyaan — The Legend.

Stalwarts from Hindi and South film industries, who have seen portions of the upcoming 3D venture starring Rajinikanth and Deepika Padukone, are full of praise for it.

Says Amitabh Bachchan, "Soundarya has shown the rest of the world that women in India are capable of doing the very best. It's unbelievable that someone of Rajinikanth's stature can continue to reinvent himself year after year."

A self-confessed Rajini fan, Shah Rukh Khan says, "Soundarya had mentioned the project five years ago. It will be one of the finest steps in technology the Indian film industry will ever see."

Calling it a 'game-changer', Shekhar Kapur adds, "Only those willing to take a leap into darkness and those willing to step out of the box, are going to change the game."

Subhash Ghai gushes, "Rajini sir has gone beyond the screen," while R Balki finds the film "nothing short of a miracle." Ramesh Sippy terms the glimpses "absolutely smashing".

K Balachander, who introduced Rajinikanth to Tamil cinema, says, "What we saw was fantastic. I congratulate them all." AR Rahman, who has composed the music of the film, had this to say: "When the world sees our culture, they get fascinated. This movie may become a big door-opener for the South Indian film industry."

International filmmaker Ashok Amritraj also lauded the project. "Kochadaiiyaan is the first movie in India to use this technology. I am sure it will provide the audience with an experience everyone will enjoy," he says.

Filmmaker SS Rajamouli observes, "The idea to present Rajini sir as a 3D character is a great one. This is a huge film with so many characters. Capturing their performance, converting it to 3D and rendering it with photorealistic quality would have taken four-five years, but Soundarya has done it in two years."

Kochadaiiyaan, produced by MediaOne Global and Eros International, releases May 9.


  1. Is there no end to self promotion. Cutting edge technology already used in several films. Brought to India by Soundarya because of ? money. Is that an achievement. It is like saying the Kohli bought a Lamborghini and what a great achievement. Is there something wrong with the society. Anyway, this movie is a rehash of 300 with rajini silhouette and looks like a sure flop. Please continue your hype.

  2. normally people go to smoke when song comes in 3hour cartoon movie also we expect the same , more over cartoon movies run 1 to 2 hour max after that wecan not sit this cartoon will run 3hours i need we need 2 intervels, more over 3d glass make preasure on our nose if we ware for 2hour but now u should were it for 3 hours , more over if u are not going to get entertained the 3d glasses will create headache also so enjoy


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