“Creators transcend age barrier”, Sasikumar

Thalaimuraigal directed by the late Balu Mahendra won the Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature film on national integration this year at the National Awards. This film is produced by actor/director/producer Sasikumar for his Company Productions.

A press meet was conducted yesterday 6th May in Chennai where the crew of the film met the press and shared their feelings on Balu Mahendra and the making of the film.

People who spoke on the occasion were artists Rail Ravi, Sasikumar, Ramya, Vinodhini and Master Karthik. Balu Mahendra's assistants, colorist and sound engineer also spoke fond words about the veteran.

Candles were lit as a mark of tribute to Balu Mahendra who passed away in February 2014.

When producer Sasikumar spoke, he said that he was very happy that the film won the award but missed Balu Mahendra big time. He said that creators transcend age barrier and that Balu Mahendra established this through Thalaimuraigal.

He furthered, "Just like in the film, in real life too, his grandson Shreyas collected the National Award on his grandfather's behalf".

"The National Award is Balu Mahendra's gift to Tamilians and Tamil Nadu", Sasikumar concluded.


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