Dwayne Bravo to miss out on Ulaa’s single track launch

Dwayne Bravo
Dwayne Bravo, it seems, might not be able to make it for the launch of his first Tamil song. The track, in which Bravo has rendered a few lines and to which he has shaken a leg for the first time, is to be released on Wednesday at a private radio station.

Says Rajan Madhav, the director of Ulaa, the Tamil film for which the song was shot, “Bravo will not be able to make it for Wednesday’s single track launch. However, we plan to hold a proper audio launch when the cricketer can make it. At that event, this song and three other songs in the film will be released along with visuals. The trailer too will be released then.”

Has Bravo seen the full song? Replies Rajan, “No, not yet. We have put out a teaser on the making of this song and Bravo has seen only that so far.”

In the song, Bravo appears to pacify two characters having an argument. The film, the title of which means to wander, will feature three to four stories happening in a period of 48 hours.


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