Hansika to take her adopted kids to Kullu Manali

Hansika has plans to go for a holiday this summer. And, this time, she has decided to go on a vacation with her adopted children. We hear that she will be heading to Kullu Manali with the kids during the last week of June.

While the actress is currently shooting in Bangkok for Vaalu, he mom confirmed the news and said, “Yes, Hansika will be making a five-day trip to Kullu Manali with her 25 adopted children. Due to her busy schedule, she will stay with them only for a couple of days and I will take care of them for the rest of the days. She herself took this initiative to take these kids for a vacation. Next time, she may also take them for a trip abroad. Though she has back-to-back shoots, she ensures that she takes care of her children.”


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