‘I Didn’t Wash my Hair for 30 Days’

Actor Laguparan is back after a brief hiatus, with his next flick ManamMayanguthey (MM). Produced by Karumari Productions, the film is directed by newbie KV Rajesh. Laguparan seems to have undergone a makeover for his role of a slum dweller. In a chat with CE, he reveals more about it.

His last release was Oruvar Meedhu Iruvar Saindhu, after which Laguparan was seen in a French film. Ask him why the long gap between his movies and the Rattinam lad replies, "The French film I did took nearly one-and-a-half years because they required me to give dates intermittently. So I couldn't take up many projects. Moreover, a film with Cheran was on the cards, but it got delayed. However, I do have Etithikku Madhayaanai coming up for release soon."

The actor is clearly excited about his role in MM. He says, "Rajesh showed me newspaper clippings of real incidents that form the core of the movie. The story is a bold and controversial one. Not many would attempt to make such a film. But I was attracted to the story and accepted it immediately. It was a huge challenge to take up such a controversial role, which required intense emotions and a stellar performance. The fact that I would be doing something bold and different, gave me a huge high."

But neither the director nor the hero are willing to reveal any details of the bold issue in the film.

Laguparan says, "The story is about a courier boy who is a slum dweller. His mom is terminally ill. He requires money for her treatment. Temptation comes to him in the form of an illegal profession and he takes it up. The story reveals how such a wrongful decision, taken in haste can have a destructive influence on the lives of the youth."

Debutant K V Rajesh, a technician- turned director, says, "Over five lakh youth in TN have been affected by these illegal activities. Even one of my friends was affected, and this drew my attention to this issue."

Laguparan has gone the extra mile to get into the character of a slum dweller completely. He says, "I didn't wash my hair for 30 days of the shoot, so that it would look rough and dirty. I took tanning tips from actor Aari, who told me to rub olive oil and walk around in the sun to get darker fast. During the shoot too, I wore old clothes which were unwashed and stinky, to get the unkempt look right."

The stunts in the film are choreographed by Mugamudi fame Action Prakash. He adds, "The fights are realistic, like the tone of the entire film. He would give us the situation and ask us to go hit our opponents , as if we were really fighting."

Janaki, who played Vishnu's mom in Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu, plays Laguparan's mother, while newbie Ria is his love interest.

Robot Shanker,Vidiyum Mun fame Vinoth, Elisabeth and newcomer Murugan are part of the cast.


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