Pony Verma not like Cindrella’s rude step-mom

I still remember the day when Prakash’s second daughter Meghna told me, ‘Pony aunty, you are not like Cindrella’s rude step-mom. You give us chocolates and are kind. I am happy’. That’s the day I decided that I should keep up that little kid’s trust in me. Our fairytales have portrayed step-moms as negative characters, but, in reality, many of us are wonderful god mothers,” says Pony Verma, a popular choreographer, Prakash Raj’s wife and step-mom to his two daughters.

On Stepmother’s Day today, Pony opens up on the most beautiful part of being a step-mom. Begins Pony, “Prakash’s daughters Pooja and Meghna and I broke the ice on the very first day itself. We share a beautiful relationship and my life is awesome with them. I can say that I have been blessed with Pooja and Meghna.”

She adds, “When I met Prakash, he was divorced. I fell in love with him. I knew that if I love him, I should love everything about him. I wholeheartedly accepted them and they also accepted me. I always see a smile on Prakash’s face when his daughters are around him. I know that he will not be complete without his daughters. I still remember the day when he told me that he is not a single person and his daughters will also be in his life. He loves his daughters and I love them too. Prakash has made my relationship with his daughters so much easier. ”

On being a step-mom, she says, “I don’t play the role of a mother to them. This is the only thing that any step-mom should ever try to do. They have their mother and I am just a friend, guardian, and god mother who takes care of them with love and affection. I have never tried to dictate anything to them. Elder daughter Pooja calls me Pony and the younger daughter Meghna calls me Pony Aunty. I care for them and if Prakash is traveling, I ensure that I meet them for dinner. We have trips abroad together. I give a feeling to my girls that I am there for them. They are also proud of my work in films and also very caring towards me.”

She says, “The most challenging part of being a step-mom is you need to be friendly with the kids and at the same time command respect from them. Only when the respect comes will love blossom.”


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