Reason for delay in Goundamani film

Veteran comedy actor Goundamani’s upcoming film ’49 O’ that is touted as a political satire is expected to release soon. The film that will feature Goundamani in the lead character of a farmer has been directed by Arokiadass, a former assistant of Gautham Menon.

Goundamani has maintained in his recent interviews that the film will be a family subject with ample scope for comedy and sentiments. He has also said that the film will carry a message but it has nothing connected to politics.

But what we here from sources is that a particular song in the film with some strong verses criticizing the electoral system of our country is being shot now. Sources also add that the censor officials may not allow the song to be featured in the film and even if they allow it they will do that only after demanding several cuts. It is also alleged that the inclusion of this song has made the producers to deliberately prolong the shoot to avoid controversies during the Parliamentary elections.


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