Simbu-Premji humourous tweet conversation

Simbu-Premji tweet conversation sparks humour
Tense and hectic. These are always an integral part of a film star’s life. For Silambarasan, occupied with so many projects, he had a chance to break the stress out as he tweeted chat with Premgi Amaran that is trending across the towns now.

Premgi Amaran started it all asking, Where are you sir? To which Silambarasan replied, I have already boarded on flight. Adding up STR said, “Everytime used to shop something for my girlfriend at duty free shop in airport and this time it feels different single.” Premgi apparently asked, ‘Thalaiva get me something,” to which STR reverts, “I have something special for you… Public Public… lol..”

Guess what it could be?


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