Sona Says She’s Sick of ‘Oomph’

Sona was recently spotted at the success meet of Yamirruku Bayamey having lost oodles of weight. In a shocking turnaround, the 'Uniq' girl says she will not be doing glamour roles any more, "Out of the 14 years I have spent in the industry, for 10 years I've been doing only glamourous roles. Now I'm looking for a transition. I want to do different kinds of roles like that of a sister, anni, or a professional. I want to try out something significant and substantial. No more swimming pool scenes for me!" says Sona.
Having lost more than 30 kilos in the last few months, she says, "I finally took the plunge and went on a proper exercise and diet regimen. I was losing my self esteem and decided it was time to re-invent myself," she says.
In Romba Nallavan Da Nee she wears only saris, while in Sivappu, she mostly sports salwar kameez outfits. But things get a little glam in Rettai Vaalu, as Sona plays a pimp. Sona also has Oda Raja Oda in her kitty, where she plays the wife of a villain. "It's a slightly glam role but it was something I signed much earlier," she clarifies.
About the response to her new decision she says, "Its been very tough to get the right roles. I rejected 48 offers of glam roles in the last few months! People took time to understand that I'm serious about my decision. But the wait has been worth it and I'm getting a variety of offers now," she signs off.


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