Supernatural experience leaves director Sundar C shaken

Director and actor Sundar C, who is busy working on his next film Aranmanai, a horror-comedy, is a shaken man today. What has rattled him is an experience he had while working on the film, which features Vinay Rai, Hansika, Andrea and Lakshmi Rai in the lead.

Says Sundar C, “My next film Aranmanai’s plot revolves around a family whose members have migrated to different parts of the country. When the family members return to sell their ancestral home, they realize that there is also a supernatural power residing in the structure. To shoot this film, we needed an ancient structure. Despite searching long and hard, we couldn’t find an ideal structure. So, we spent a sum of ` two crore to alter an already erected set in Hyderabad. We were shooting there when this strange incident happened.”

The incident in question occurred while filming a particular scene in which Sundar C was to ask a child interacting with the spirit as to who she was talking with.

“When I asked the child the question, she turned and stated her lines, which were ‘He is standing right here.’ I didn’t realize anything then. But later, when we were going through the silent track of the recorded portions, both editor Srikanth and I were rattled, for just as the child uttered these lines, we could hear someone breathing in the dark empty space. It has been recorded clearly and I have the tape and am ready to show it to anyone cares to watch it,” he signs off.


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