Venkat Prabhu proposes a new ‘Friendship Day’

Venkat prabhu
Director Venkat Prabhu is always associated with a fun tag. He is a filmmaker who does not compromise the fun quotient even when he makes a nail biting thriller. Also in interviews and public outing the elder son of Gangai Amaren has always been identified as a fun loving down to earth person.

But the latest social networking post of the actor cum director reveals his serious side and also strongly establishes his against one intolerable menace that has become a threat to the society.

Venkat Prabhu in his Facebook page has updated a pretty long status message that goes hard against the rapists whose act of brutality caused death to a young girl who was a physiotherapy student residing in New Delhi in December 2012. He has also underlined the plight faced by Awindra Pratap Pandey the male friend of the victim who suffered almost equal harsh treatment except sexual assault and also tried to save the life and dignity of his friend even after facing such a brutal attack.

He has ended his message with a call to all Indians. “When he (Awindhra) is there why we Indians should celebrate friendship day on 3rd August to copy Americans ? We should celebrate friendship day in India only on 16th December to salute the spirit of Awindra who proved what friendshbip means. Let 16th Dec an official friendship day in India “.

Readers can share their opinion on Venkat Prabhu’s call for changing the Freindship day.

Readers are also requested to read the Facebook status of the director, hit a ‘like’ and share it to spread the word.


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