'Vijay is My Real Life Hero...'

Vijay is My Real Life Hero
They looked every bit a couple smitten and in love. When Amala Paul and director Vijay decided to officially announce their impending wedding, it was an ideal moment for shutterbugs.

As they moved informally at the gathering, holding hands firmly, the gesture itself spoke more than a thousand words, about their strong feelings for each other.

Earlier, when it had been reported that they were in love, the duo had denied it vehemently. But looks like Cupid got the better of them and their love is finally culminating in marriage. The wedding will take place on June 12 in Chennai, followed by a grand reception for their relatives, friends and industry members, at the MRC marriage hall. It seems the duo, have just started distributing cards personally to their industry friends.

Tracing the origins of their romance, they revealed that they began as just friends. "There had been many stories in the media linking us. But at that time we were just friends and we would laugh it off. But slowly about eight months ago, we felt that this was something more than friendship and decided to get married," said Vijay. And casting a fond glance at his at his bride-to-be, Vijay added, " I'm marrying my best friend actually. Because we have had a good friendship for so long, we both know each other's pluses and minuses and nothing is hidden from each other."

A radiant Amala Paul said, "I have worked with several heros on screen. But Vijay is my real life hero." So will she continue to work as an actor after marriage? "I'm entering a new phase in my life. So my priorities have changed. Now Vijay is my life and I want to centre my activities around him and take care of him. So I wont be doing commercial films after my wedding. But being an actor, I have a passion for cinema. So, if offered some meaty, performance–oriented role, I may consider it at that time," she disclosed.

Considering her love for cinema, would she consider working with her director husband, as an assistant director ? Laughed Amala, "I don't think so. Vijay is a good director and manages with his efficient team. He doesn't need an assistant like me!" The couple have apparently not planned their honeymoon as yet. "I want to wait till Saivam has released before we think of our honeymoon," Vijay said. A look at the wedding invitation reveals that the couple have requested invitees to avoid gifts. Instead, the duo want to enter the next phase of life, with a noble gesture supporting a social cause. So instead of gifts, invitees can bring cheques of donations to the Ability Foundation. Now that's a rare wish!


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