Will 'Amara Kaaviyam' be the best movie of 2014,

Amara Kaaviyam
Director Jeeva Shankar’s Amara Kaaviyam was recently in the news after the release of its teaser featuring stunning visuals and lilting music, and also when Arya was reportedly moved to tears after a screening of the movie.

We have come to know now that the movie has captured the imagination of a number of leading technicians in the industry as well, who are proudly proclaiming that Amara Kaaviyam would be the best movie of 2014. The last 12 minutes of the movie apparently would have no dialogues and would comprise a lot of fast shots. This emotional segment is sure to move everyone to tears, say our sources.

Amara Kaaviyam is set in the 1988-90 period and stars Sathya and Mia in lead roles, enacting high school students. The team plans to release the movie in July and before that Ghibran’s much-expected music would hit the stores.


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