Ajith takes his passion to the next level

Actor Ajith has taken his passion for photography to the next level. The actor, who is an avid photographer and known to never miss an opportunity to click every time he is outdoors, has now begun taking lessons on techniques of indoor photography as well.

We hear that he has also been spending his free time experimenting with lights. A source in the know reveals, “Ajith takes photography very seriously. In fact, he makes it a point to take his camera with him every time he goes to a new location. Several people, including actress Piaa, have credited Ajith for inspiring them to take up photography. Now, the actor wants to try his hand at indoor photography. He has been asking his photographer friends for tips on the different techniques associated with shooting indoors. He has also been researching on the internet about different lights, lenses, and reflectors.”

The source adds, “Ajith has been buying indoor photography equipment to experiment at home. Of late, the still photographer, who works on his films, has been helping the star. In fact, he is now Ajith’s favourite subject and poses for the actor!”


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