Anjali banned from acting in Tamil films

The Tamil Film Director’s Association has imposed a ban on Actress Anjali to act in Tamil films based on a complaint filed by director Mu.Klanjiyam. Tamil film directors cannot make her act in their films until the ban is revoked. However the actress can continue acting in other language films.

Actress Anjali who has been living in Hyderabad for more than a year now, recently sent a Press release announcing her comeback in Tamil films. She assured her fans in Tamilnadu that she will soon start acting in Tamil films and had started listening to scripts. She also said that no one can stop her from acting in Tamil films.

That was in fact Anjali’s bold reaction to the announcement of director Kalanjiyam who alleged that Anjali failed to attend shooting for his upcoming film ‘Oor Sutri Puranam’ and that has caused him a huge financial loss. The director had cautioned that he will not allow Anjali to act in any other film unless she fulfils her commitment for his film.

It is worth remembering Anjali issued a press notice claiming she was being harassed by her step-mother Bharathi Devi and Kalanjiyam before fleeing to Hyderabad.


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