Art director creates Ooty in Chennai

Amara Kaaviyam

Jeeva Shankar’s Amara Kaaviyam is set in the 80s, and a major chunk of the film was shot in two houses — where the film’s lead actors Sathya and Mia reside — in Ooty, and the set of a tea shop.
We hear that the team had issues while shooting the last few scenes featuring Mia, and finally had to recreate the entire house in Chennai.

Jeeva Shankar says, “Art director Selva had to redo the houses in Ooty a little so that they resembled the structures built during the period the story is set. But we were unable to shoot for the last two days in the house where Mia’s character resides. As a result, we had no other option but to erect a set resembling the house in Ooty in Chennai. We sought permission to recreate the entire house – right from the trees to the interiors – inside the compound of a house in Chennai. Art director Selva Kumar (of Madrassapattinam fame) took four days to finish the set. He recreated an exact replica of the house. We finally shot there for two days and wrapped up our film.”


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