‘I Won’t be composing Music…’

Music director Vijay Antony seems to be humming a new tune. After turning hero in Naan, Vijay reveals that from now on, he will be turning full time hero and producer. Even as Salim opposite Aksha Pardasany, is ready for release, he says, "I plan to take up acting in earnest now," says Vijay Antony determinedly. "Actors have the lightest job in the process of filmmaking, but they earn the most. The technicians have to work very hard in tough conditions, but with little or no recognition. Having turned producer, I know now how tough it is to make a film and release it. So, I want to make my own films and act in them for now."

Salim, will be releasing on 25th July. Vijay has already started shooting for India Pakistan. "Forty percent of the shoot is over," he says. As if that was not enough, he is ready to star in his next production Shaitaan. Work on his delayed project Thirudan will begin soon.

With so much going for him, where will he find time for music? Vijay drops the bombshell, "I won't be composing music for a while, since I'm taking up acting. Shooting for a film just takes about 60 days of my time. So I plan to act in three to four films per year. I also plan to start producing films with other heroes, shortly. I would also like to introduce new singers. With so much happening in between projects, if I'm bored or have a week's time on hand, I may take up composing music. But as of now, acting and production are my priorities."


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