More trouble in store for Anjali over her incomplete Tamil film​

It looks like actress Anjali might not be able to work on new projects in not just Tamil, but also Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada as well until she completes Mu Kalanjiyam’s film.

Jaguar Thangam, the General Secretary of Tamil Nadu Producers’ Guild, says, “We have sent a letter to the Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada film producers’ unions urging them not to allow her to shoot for any new projects now. She should finish Kalanjiyam’s film before moving on to other projects as she has caused a huge financial loss to him by not completing her portions.”

However, the grapevine is that Anjali is not interested in completing the film and that she also has reservations on working with Kalanjiyam again. Point this out to Thangam and he says, “She cannot sign a film and then say she is not interested. If that is the case, she has to compensate for the producer’s loss. If security is the actual reason, we will ensure that she is provided security during the shoot. All we want is that the actress come forward and talks about the issue instead of playing hide and seek.”


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