Ramesh trains with paranormal scientist

Director Rahul Paramahamsa is busy working on Jithan 2, starring Ramesh in the lead. The film is a sequel to Vincent Selva’s Jithan, and is touted to be a horror thriller. The next schedule of the film will begin soon in the city.

Rahul says, “The story has been penned by Vincent Selva, and there’s a small thread that links the previous film to this one. Ramesh’s character enters a house, which is haunted by the spirit of the female lead Srishti’s character. Unlike other horror films, where the ghost seeks revenge, we’ve characterized the spirit in a different way.”

We hear that Ramesh was part of a workshop for 25 days, where he learnt ‘how to deal with ghosts mentally’. The director adds, “Ramesh trained with John, a paranormal scientist, in Malaysia, for his role. He’s a pro when it comes to hypnotism and controlling mind, and has also dealt with paranormal cases. Since Ramesh’s character deals with a ghost in the film, we wanted him to learn everything about the paranormal.”


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