‘Surya’ puts the film release in trouble

‘Surya’ puts the film release in trouble
A weird snag seems to have hit the release of the film Saravanan engira Surya. The producer of the film on Friday claimed that permission for the film's release had been withheld.

The statement released by film producer Raja Subbaiah claimed that the Film and Television Producers Guild of South India had refused to grant permission for release of the film under that title without what amounts to a no objection statement from actor Suriya. The statement pointed out that the title was an integral part of the film.

"The whole plot revolves around the title and we cannot retitle and reshoot the film without incurring expenses," Subbaiah said.

The producer also said that the film did not demean the star. "If the name is the only objection, what about other films which have had names of famous people in their titles?" he wondered.


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