Why is Vishwaroopam 2 getting delayed?

Vishwaroopam 2 is arguably the most expected Kamal Haasan film currently, even though the actor is also a part of Uttama Villain and the soon to be launched Drishyam remake. The first part released in early-2013 and went on to become a smash hit. The sequel was expected to make it to theaters last year itself but it is yet to see the light of day.

Lead actress Pooja Kumar, who plays the role of Kamal’s wife and a nuclear oncologist in the film, spoke about the film in a recent interview and also pointed out the reason for the film’s delay

“The film is slightly delayed because it has a lot of special effects,"

Pooja also spoke about all the high-octane action that she is doing in the film.

“There is a sequence where we defuse bombs and engage enemies in a gun battle — all under water. Thanks to my scuba diving training, I have performed these stunts by myself”


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