Yaamirukka Bayamey is definitely the big summer winner!

Yaamirukka Bayamey is definitely the big summer winner!
RS Infotainment Elred Kumar`s Deekay directed horror comedy Yamirukku Bayamey is turning out to be the 2014 summer box-office hit.

The film made on a low budget is a winner all the way, as all sections of the trade – distributors, exhibitors, other right holders are happy with it.

The audiences simply loved the comedy and horror bits in the film. The film had Kreshna, Roopa Manjari, Oviya and Karunakaran in the lead and was packaged well by Deekay and marketed aggressively by Elred Kumar.

Yamirukku Bayamey was made on a shoe-string budget of Rs 3 Crore, add another Rs 2 Crore for print and publicity, total cost would work out to Rs 5 Crore approximately. Since there were no distributors to buy the film before release, Elred Kumar distributed it directly through various distributors who took it on commission basis.

The smart move by Elred in confirming its release on May 9 within hours after Kochadaiiyaan got postponed paid off handsomely. He was able to get theatres and almost get a solo release and word of mouth picked up each passing day. The comedy elements in the film made it work big time with family audiences.

Yaamirukku Bayamey as per trade sources has netted around Rs 13 Crore in three weeks from Tamil Nadu, with producer likely to get around Rs 6.5 Crore as theatrical share. The life time theatrical share of the film is likely to be around Rs 8 to 9 Crore.

The satellite television right of the film had gone for Rs 3 Crore to Zee Tamil, plus overseas and India domestic theatrical for Rs 75 lakhs. It has also become the hot in the remake circuit. The producer is likely to pick up another Rs 2 to 2.5 Crore from Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and other Indian language remake rights.

At the end of the day producer Elred Kumar may make 100 % profit from his modest investment. Yaamirukku Bayamey is definitely the big summer winner. Small is definitely profitable and beautiful.


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