Ai Team’s promo Video on Vikram’s Healthy Diet schedule

Vikram is an actor who always dedicates himself for the character he is playing on screen. We have seen him losing pounds or gaining weight whatever the character demands. For his upcoming film “Ai” he does shed weight to 50 Kg for the first half of the movie and again put on weight nearly to 110 Kg for the second half.

However he did all this in a healthy way. And the Ai team wanted to showcase the actor’s hard work to the people by making a video of Vikram’s weight loss and gain program. It’ll give more insight on his work-outs in gym, diet plan and healthy life style. It might release a month before the release of the movie. Though it looks like a promo for the movie, it’ll be a wonderful guide for the people who want to be fit.

Ai features Vikram, Amy Jackson in the lead roles. The movie directed by Shankar, and music by AR Rahman.


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