Arya encounters death face to face

The first look teaser of Meagaamann has come out and looks like the team led by director Magizh Thirumeni of Thadayara Thakka fame, is cooking up a sumptuous commercial entertainer.

As the teaser begins, we get introduced to a person named Jyothi, the villain perhaps, who prefers to be in the shadows. Not many have come face to face with him and the very few who have, haven't had the luck of breathing any further.

The teaser shows Arya encountering Jyothi (or that's how it appears). Whether he lives or not, the director leaves the question unanswered.

With his muscular physique and sharp looks, Arya surely is on top of his game. Gear up for an action packed Arya and a thrilling tale.


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