Dhansikaa practices Chedi Kutchi Silambam every day

Actress Dhansikaa’s recent performance of a series of complex stunt sequences for her upcoming film Kaathadi left the entire unit impressed. However, not many knew it was because of her proficiency in an ancient art form called Chedi Kutchi Silambam.

Says a source close to the actress, “Dhansikaa practices Silambam for almost two hours everyday. In fact, she is among a select few who also practise the powerful Chedi Kutchi Silambam, one of the many forms of the ancient art, which is taught to only a disciplined few by the masters.”

When Chennai Times tracked S Pandian, the vice-president of the International Silambam Federation, who is also Dhansikaa’s instructor and asked him about her training in the martial art form, he replied, “It is true. She has been learning it from me for a while now. The martial art form that she knows is so powerful that it can be used by one to disarm and disable one’s opponent. The reason why Chedi Kutchi Silambam is special is because it incorporates the principles of Varmam in it. It is used to strike sensitive points in the body which can leave one’s opponent incapacitated, either temporarily or permanently.”

The actress seems to be putting her Silambam skills to good use as is evident from what director Kalyan says. Explains Kalyan, “There are three to four fight sequences in the film. In one particular sequence, Dhansikaa saves a child from a gang of smugglers. She has done a brilliant job. Although she sustained injuries, including a blow to her head, she finished the sequence without a body double.”


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