Samuthirakani suffers injury, shoots in pain

Director and actor Samuthirakani, it seems, has won the admiration of his colleagues by his decision to continue working, despite sustaining a serious injury while shooting for the Tamil film Nee Ellam Nalla Varuvada.

Says a source, “Samuthirakani is a good friend of the director of the film, Nagendran. The actor plays the lead in the film along with actor Vimal. Recently, the unit was filming an action sequence in Kovalam and Samuthirakani, while performing a move in a fight, dislocated his shoulder. However, he chose not to skip work despite searing pain as he knew a delay in finishing his portions could hike the team’s production costs.”

When Times of India got in touch with Samuthirakani, he confirmed the news saying, “Yes, it is true. My right shoulder got dislocated while shooting for an action sequence in the film. This is not the first time I have suffered a dislocation. There have been other instances too but then, usually, I would be able to fix it myself. More importantly, I would be able to do it within 30 seconds. This time, however, the pain was greater and I was unable to fix it for about one-and-a-half minutes. A doctor who treated me advised me a few days’ rest but I chose to ignore it and continued shooting for the film as a delay could cause immense hardship for the team and the director.”

The actor-director says that he has now completed his portions for the film and strangely, despite the exertion, his arm has healed to a considerable extent.


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