Saravanan Engira Surya now becomes Bose Pandi

Saravanan Engira Surya now becomes Bose Pandi
The disagreement that director Raja Subbiah had with actor Suriya over the title of the former’s film, Saravanan Engira Surya seems to have come to an end with the director now choosing to rename his film as Bose Pandi.

Trouble had first started after reports emerged that the friends and family of the star had taken exception to the original title Saravanan Engira Surya as they felt it directly referred to the actor.

Says the director, “Yes, the film will now be called Bose Pandi. As a result of this change, I had to reshoot and dub some portions. This has cost me a few lakhs but I have sent the new version to the censor board and am awaiting clearance now.”
He adds, “Bose Pandi is a title I had registered for my next film. However, now, I have had to use it for my debut flick.”


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