Won’t act under Aishwarya’s direction: Dhanush

The football World Cup fever has gripped the entire world and Dhanush is no exception. “Yes, I watch football,” he says and informs that he is following the FIFA World Cup that is currently on in Brazil. Ask him who he is rooting for this time and he replies, “My heart says Brazil, but my mind says Germany.”

Draw his attention to the fact that the Big B, his co-star in the Hindi film Shamitabh, had recently compared him to the Brazilian star striker Neymar and Dhanush flashes a smile, saying, “Not a bad name to be compared with, right? I’m thrilled about it.”

Shamitabh is Dhanush’s second Hindi film, his first being Raajanaahaa. The film, being directed by Balki, has Akshara Haasan, Kamal Haasan’s daughter, playing the female lead. While Dhanush had a tough time speaking in Hindi for his first film, how is he finding the experience of working on his second Hindi film?

Dhanush says, “Raajanaahaa was a great experience, but the difficult part was speaking in Hindi because I did not know a word of Hindi then. I had to write everything in English with their meanings as well. Then, every night, I would rehearse in front of the mirror in Tamil so that I didn’t miss out on what I could originally do. Then, I would repeat the exercise in Hindi before going for shoot the next morning. This happened every day I shot for the film. It was tough. What was tougher was the dubbing. After every two words, they would stop me and I would look at them in bewilderment and then I would realize that I was pronouncing it wrong.”

“But this film (Shamitabh), I am very comfortable. You will realize why soon,” he says with a chuckle. Apparently, the reason for that chuckle is that Dhanush is playing a hearing and speech impaired person in the film, which means literally little or no Hindi dialogues.

Finally, ask him when his fans will get to see him act again in a film directed by his wife Aishwarya and he says with a grin, “I won’t be acting under her direction. However, I will be producing her films.” But why is that? “It is better,” he signs off with a grin.


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