Cuckoo director denied his next with Dhanush

Cuckoo director denied his next with Dhanush

Director Raju Murugan has refuted the rumours that read he has roped in Dhanush for his second film after Cuckoo.

"There are queries and speculations in a section of the media that I've been planning my next film with a happening star which is not true at this point of time. Actually I'm planning a film with an out and out new genre," Raju said in a statement.

Further, the Cuckoo filmmaker clarified that he is currently busy penning the script for his second movie and will decide on the cast only after finishing it.

"I'm busy penning the script of my next film. My script will determine the star cast of the film and to my knowledge it is too early to speculate on the casting as of now," he said.

Raju Murugan also clarified that he will formally announce the details of his second film soon.


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