I'm a woman, I have breasts and cleavage, actress attacks daily!

“Yes, I’m a woman, I have breasts & a cleavage, you got a problem,” was the response Deepika angrily said to a daily newspaper.

The famous Bollywood is waiting for the release of her upcoming “Finding Fanny” and it seems like a daily paper is written offensive things about her for wearing an all too low neck gown according to their so called standards.

Deepika was irritated at this attack on her and tweeted, “Supposedly India’s ‘LEADING’ newspaper and this is ‘NEWS’!!?? (sic)”. Deepika does the right thing by openly responding to the daily on its attack about the way she dresses. It makes one wonder, if a news daily considers the her neckline to be “news”, then we do feel sorry for its readers and such news agents indeed. Long live the media! We hope no such attack is made on actors and that news dailies concentrate on reporting actual news in the future.


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