Leaked story of Shankar-Vikram's 'I', is it real?

Vikram I
Ace director Shankar seems to have been fascinated for the first time with something fiction based story.
This is the basic speculations from Kollywood circles about the upcoming film ‘I’ which is recently in post production works. Looking at the posters, Vikram is seen in a beastly look while Amy Jackson is looking at her beat. The posters are making buzz as to what the story of the film is about.

Meantime the story of 'I' has been leaked online, we won't be sure it is real or fake until we see it in silver screen. The story goes like this...

Amy is the core role of story who brings things together.

Vikram plays a role of villager. Amy (NRI) plays a role of a model.

Amy comes to her birth place (vikram's village) after 16years, since childhood. She accidentally meets Vikram there. Situations brings them closer.

Once, Vikram admires her pics where she posed for her modeling. He himself dreams to be a model someday.

Meanwhile, Amy becomes a brand ambassador for a MNC and also as a PROMOTIONAL MODEL for Olympics, Beijing. She gets this opportunity defeating the so-called villain Upen, who was former brand ambassador for that MNC.

He leaks a spam video of Amy to spoil her fame. He does a lot to it, where he gets information about Vikram and his dream too.

In the event, there comes a situation where, Upen gets spoiled by his own experiment failing him. (His own beauty gets spoiled by his attempt to spoil Amy)

His anger develops much stronger. He uses his father's chemical factory to develop a medicine to gain his beauty back.

He wanted to test it with someone, where he remembers of Vikram, who dreams to be a model.

He uses Vikram's dream as an opportunity and cheats him to inject the chemical into him. He also asks Vikram to body build for better results.

As a result of all this, Vikram becomes the most charming model in no time. He's being selected to be one of the top models.

Amy admires him for such a massive looks and improvements. She starts loving him (she already admires Vikram's character in the beginning, which now getting into love). Vikram knows nothing about Amy's love.

When everything seems going fine, there begins the side effects of the chemical.

The chemical had no positive effect on Upen, which made things worse.

Interval breaks in there...

Then comes the scenes of Rapid changeover from normal Vikram to animal Vikram.

His anger grows day by day on his own beauty. When he got to know the result is due to the chemical used, his grudge on Upen gets stronger. Adding to it, he thinks Amy is also into this chemical injection.

Upen is nowhere to be found. He hides himself. Animal Vikram going in search of Upen.

Meanwhile, Amy plays a typical model, who starts hating Vikram (due to his change in luks tat became ugly). She is getting engaged to a rich guy.

There Vikram finds her and kidnaps her, (thinking he might get Upen by kidnapping her).

But when he knows the truth, its too late.

Upen is now grown into an worse animal than Vikram.

And rest is a usual Hero versus Villain, with a slight difference of both being Animals.


  1. nope. its totally wrong..

  2. It was written by me to fake my friend who's a Vikram fan. I wrote this and put into a WhatsApp group where he was also a group member. But the spread and reach of multiple shares by all went to public and media.


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