Shruthi Haasan wants to deliver baby before marriage!

Shruthi Haasan
Shruthi Haasan has recently mentioned that she will deliver a baby before her marriage. In a recent media interaction actress Shruthi Haasan has said that she looks up to her father and mother Sarika Kamal Haasan.

Though they are divorced now they were the most beautiful couple she has ever seen. There was a lot of love and warmth between them and Shruthi recalls that it was wonderful to be around with them when they were living as a family

While saying this Shrthi also added that she wished to live like her parents who did not conform to the norms of the society.

Like my parents, I also don’t want to get trapped in the social net. I want to give birth to a child before my marriage. Only after this I will get married."

Shruthi Haasan who is making waves in Kollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood is uniquely bold which is a rare quality seen in top heroines especially those from the south. However, there is no surprise in Shruthi being bold in voicing her thoughts since her father, actor Kamal Haasan is known for such bold and honest statements.

Shruthi Haasan has now moved to her new house in Mumbai. She was earlier in a rented apartment. When she was domiciling there, someone tried to attack her and because of this, she was living in her friend’s place. After this she acquired a two bedroom apartment in Andheri. After fully furnishing this apartment, Shruthi has moved into it.


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