Trisha's petetion to save Vijay

Trisha has leapt in defence of Vijay. No, this is not the Southern star we are talking about, nor is this about any action scene from an upcoming Tamil film. It is the tiger in Delhi zoo that Trisha is defending.

The Thala 55 star supported an online petition to the save the white tiger in Delhi Zoo, which has been in news for mauling a 19 year old

It’s been only few days since the shocking news of a tiger attacking a 19 year old boy at Delhi Zoo broke out. Ever since then, a section of society has been protesting and demanding for killing of the white tiger Vijay, who mauled the boy. This agitation to kill the tiger has been giving sleepless nights to many animal lovers across the nation. One such avid animal lover is Kollywood actress, Trisha Krishan.

The Thala 55 actress expressed her support to for the tiger and requested the President Pranab Mukherjee to not permit such sacrifices for the mistakes not committed by the tiger. Trisha tweeted,”Please do not allow the sacrifice of the tiger of New Delhi Zoo,he did not attack, he was only defending himself.” There is an online petition on the issue to save the life of the tiger and her tweet have got good response from her fans.

While no one from the film industry has come forward to support tiger Vijay, wethinks it is endearing that animal lover Trisha is vouching for the 7-year-old white tiger in the Delhi Zoo.


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