Vikram's 'Ai' makers to take leagal action against the person who leaked the teaser online

The teaser of Shankar’s Ai was leaked online a couple of days ago. Though the video was not very clear, it has created quite a stir in the industry.

If sources are to be believed, somebody apparently got into the producer’s office at night and copied the teaser, to put it up online.

The film’s producer Aascar Ravichandran claims that the person who has leaked the teaser has openly informed the team that he did it and has even challenged them to take action. He has now filed a complaint against this person.”We have tracked down the person who has released the teaser illegally online, and we are taking legal action. The worst part is that Vasan, the person who has leaked the teaser, has also put up his profile online, with a line saying, ‘I have leaked the teaser, what can you do about it?’ After inquiries, we got to know that somebody had broken into our office in the night and had copied the teaser,” adds Aascar.

So, will the teaser be now modified before its official release? “No, why will it be? It is a mega-budget film and we will not let ourselves be stressed by such petty acts. He has committed a crime and that too, he has not been able to capture the trailer properly and nothing is clearly visible in the teaser. So, we have no plans to change it. We will be officially releasing it as we had originally planned,” says Aascar


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