Will Kaththi successfully release for Diwali?

Kaththi successfully release for Diwali
A R Murugadoss’s Kaththi with actor Vijay seems to only be heading into one problem after the other.

The issue about the producers of the film has been raging for some time. Lyca Productions is alleged to be funded by President Rajapakse of Sri Lanka and Tamilians here believe that it is tainted money and are up-in-arms against the production house.

Now the latest issue is that a song, Selfie Pulla, from the movie was leaked online and it looks like the director, Vijay, the producers and the audio label, Eros, are upset about it. The audio launch of the film is currently scheduled for September 18.

Recent unconfirmed reports have emerged that Vijay is trying to disassociate himself from the producers. Apparently, he has said that he had no idea who the producers were when he signed on the film with Murugadoss. Right now, all those involved with Kaththi seem to be upset with one another. There is open opposition to the producers, Lyca Productions, and this could become a political issue. Now the big question is this – Will Kaththi successfully release for Diwali?


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