Jayam Ravi - Nayanthara starrer 'Thani Oruvan' - 60% shoot complete

Jayam Ravi - Nayanthara
Guess what is the title of Jayam Ravi's film being directed by his brother and filmmaker Jayam Raja? The movie stars Nayanthara as heroine and Arvind Samy also in the cast. Sources say that it has been titled Thani Oruvan.

Ganesh Venkatraman, a part of Jeyam Ravi and Nayanthara Starrer Thani Oruvan said in an interview that, “Sixty percent of the shooting is over and we have shot in exotic locales in Himachal Pradesh and Uttharanchal along with other places like Chennai, Hyderabad and Pondycherry. The script is an original one and not a remake”.

On the theme of the film, Ganesh states that friendship is one of the premises . The film has Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swamy, Nayanthara and Ganesh sharing screen space with exciting roles.

Expectations are high since the brothers have rendered a lot of successful hits in the past starting from Jayam. Thani Oruvan is fast progressing and expected for release early next year.


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