Kaththi not doing well in Kerala? False Rumour - Distributors deny reports

It was earlier reported that Vijay – AR Murugadoss’s Kaththi slowed down on its second and third day and distributors reported loss bases on a report from The Hindu.

Now, we when we contacted few distributors & exhibitors in Kerala, they totally deny the reports at face value. The film has grossed nearly 4 crores in the past three days and the exact figures will be made official over the weekend.

Distributors and exhibitors have told that the film is running in nearly 160 screens with packed house shows and with 90% occupancy in few screens. They are expecting an uptick for the weekend and the official BO figure will be announced sooner, probably on Monday.


Today morning there were reports that Kaththi is bringing a huge loss to the distributors in Kerala. When we asked our sources say that the first day collection of Kaththi in Kerala was amazing and made a distributor share of one crore which is 1/4 of its distribution price. The next two day figures sumed up to another one crore, which means that the film got nearly 2 crore distributors share till now, which means nearly 50% of the films price has been recovered (nett more than 3 crores, gross nearly 4 crores).

It is normal that a film gets a drop on working days and hence both Thursday and Friday figures have shown a drop say the sources. The trade is eagerly waiting for Saturday and Sunday where the figures usually come closer to the first day figures.

Sources also accept the fact that Tamil films' price in Kerala has been shooted up beyond limits, a Suriya or Vijay film will be profitable only if it got sold within 3 crores, while Ajith film has to be sold within 2 crores but nowadays the distribution price have shooted up to 4.5 crores which is a big worry for the theater owners and exhibitors.

Sources concluded "As the distribution price shooted up, if there is a negative word of mouth we are forced to face heavy losses and hence we have to soon bring a regulation in buying Tamil films in Kerala".

Mean time, Kaththi is doing well in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and rest of the places. Especially the movie is having good occupancy even during working days in various territories in Tamil Nadu.


  1. Kaththi has been doing exceptionally well
    Cine experts opine the film has collected its cot within 3 dys
    The film is reaching 100cr mark by Sunday
    This is world recorded
    Jealous negative sadists have been roumourmongers against kaththi
    Collections are monstrous and thrill is rewriting boxoffic history is true
    It has beet zen all previous records ans will remain bench Marci for blockbuster
    Now vijay is undisputed kollywood emperor
    God of box office
    Next superstar

  2. Kaththi is extraordinary film
    Leave all aspects
    A good quality neat clean movie must succeed

  3. Naye vijay oru pot tai pays thalaiva vantha pa pudigita iruthan


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