'Romeo Juliet' Jeyam Ravi is a Six-Pack couch

Romeo Juliet
It’s his debut film but director Lakshman is a confident man. After having assisted Rajiv Menon in ad films, and SJ Suryah as assistant director, he's now ready to test the waters with an independent film, titled Romeo Juliet.

The film is almost complete with just ten days of shooting left. In a chat with City Express, he reveals why the movie will be an important one for Jeyam Ravi and Hansika.

"I actually joined film school and later dropped out before joining Rajiv Menon as assistant for ad films," reveals Lakshman. "Films were always a passion though I had no godfathers in the industry. The only filmi connection I have is that I was born in Sivasankar master's house, since my family was a tenant there!"

Lakshman is currently an ad filmmaker with his Dream Makers company. And looks like he's brought his ad experience to the fore with the snazzy, trendy posters of Romeo Juliet showing Hansika and Jeyam Ravi fighting with each other. This is a far cry from what the title, indicating iconic lovers, denotes. "Yes, Romeo and Juliet were legendary lovers. But my characters are a modern day take on them, hence the accompanying tagline, The New Version. Both are self-centred, despite the romance between them. It's a slice-of-life film, taken from experiences in my life and the lives of my friends. I have included the behaviour I observe of modern lovers in malls, parks and coffee shops. It's a rom-com with a difference," he promises.

Apparently he had several scripts but felt that this would be the best one to approach Jeyam Ravi with. His instincts proved right since the minute Ravi heard the story, he jumped at it. "Ravi has the classic lover-boy looks and personality which will be showcased to the maximum in my film. In fact, he plays a different character from his other films, that of a six-pack specialist gym coach. Hansika is usually seen as a loving doll or a beauty queen, but here she has the acting potential of a Simran or a Jothika, which has not been fully tapped. She plays an air hostess. It will be an important film for both of them," he affirms.

Lakshman in all praise for his lead pair who had total faith in him, "They had no egos and after the shot would come up and ask me if I was satisfied or wanted it differently. It was a very chilled out and jolly shoot."

He gives ample credit to cameraman Soundarrajan of Maattraan fame, whom he calls his backbone. The unit is heading to Langkawi for a song shoot before wrapping up the film.


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