Simran starrer 'Ashokavanam' from today

Ashokavanam, that has Simran and Sujitha in lead roles will be launched form today in Puthuyugam.

The Tamil Satellite channel from newgen Media, Puthuyugam is set to telecast the mega serial “Ashokavanam” starting from today (6th October) during the weekdays (Monday to Friday) at 8.00 PM. It stars popular film actress Simran, Sujitha, Rishi, Sathyasai, Bhavani among others. “Ashokavanam” is the story of a woman, who is married and sent off to a foreign country with her hubby, realizes that all that glitters is not gold. With sequences shot in New York, New Jersey and Brooklyn, the Mega serial is expected to bring a fresh look to the Channel.

Sneha played by actress Sujitha is married to an Indian Businessman in USA played by Rishi. She only later realizes that her husband is a Casino owner and he is not what she imagined him to be. All of her in-laws seem to completely change once they are back at USA and their activities seems to be alien and shocking to Sneha. She begins to get tortured mentally and when she is ill-treated physically she plans to escape from the clutches of her in-laws.

In an unknown foreign land, Sneha struggles to find a way back to her hometown in India. This is where Jeyasree played by actress Simran gives a helping hand to Sneha. The turmoil both the women go through to find freedom from grasp of her Husband and in-laws and how her life turn to be after coming back to her hometown forms the rest of Ashokavanam’s story.

Despite being a GEC, Puthuyugam is known for its unique programming concept that is charted towards attracting a niche segment out of the vast GEC audience and it is the first channel in India to introduce international fiction shows to the regional audience.


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