Enthiran 2: Aamir Khan confirmed | Replaces or acts with Rajinikanth?

Aamir Khan joins Shankar | Replaces or acts with Rajinikanth
Entiran starring Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had gone on to become a blockbuster at the box office and now with Aamir and Rajnikanth coming together for Robot 2, one can only expect a box office tsunami.

Superstar Rajini – Shankar’s combo Endhiran burnt the theatres around the globe and the sequel of the movie has been the most anticipated topic of the decade and looks like Shankar has found his requirement for the sequel, find out who has been zeroed by Shankar for the role.

According to a report in a leading daily, it seems Aamir Khan is all set to join Rajni sir in the film's sequel. If reports come true, then this will possibly be the biggest casting coup of all times. Aamir Khan who had previously been approached for the sequel had thought of turning it down but now it seems the actor is finally ready to share screen space with the superstars and who better than Shankar to make this feat achievable.

It was always said that Bollywood King Khan Shahrukh was the initial choice of Shankar for Endhiran and after his denial it went on to Superstar Rajini. There is no doubt that no one could have carried it out as well as our Superstar.

The latest buzz is that the perfectionist Aamir Khan has given a nod to the project, this news gives an astonishing expectation from the flick as it will be the first time both the perfectionist will work together.

Aamir Khan is known for his ability to choose interesting projects and to make the most out of them. All of his last few films are very different from one another. His film ‘PK’ is about to release in the next month and already there is huge interest about his next project.

However, there are sources that are claiming that the film in question is not a sequel of ‘Enthiran’ but a completely different story. As per reports, Shankar and Aamir Khan have been in touch recently and have decided on a story. There are no words on Rajini’s involvement in the project and nothing has been officially confirmed. However, if indeed Aamir and Rajinikanth come together, it will be a great moment in Indian film history. Director Shankar is currently busy with the post production of the film ‘I’. He is expected to consider other projects, only after his work on ‘I’ is over.

There are also reports that Aamir Khan replaces Rajinikanth in the Sequel, it reads "Ever since Endhiran was released the sequel has been the most awaited project by Shankar, we were all eagerly waiting to see Rajini in Endhiran-2. When magnum opus director approached Rajinikanth for the sequel, Superstar denied doing the film keeping his health in mind. After Hrithik Roshan and Amitabh Bachchan been the top contenders Aamir has been finalized."

Aamir Khan on the other hand is busy with the promotion of his film ‘PK’ which releases on 19th December. Buzz around the film is growing because of the mystery surrounding the plot of the film and the character of Aamir Khan. The film has been directed by Raju Hirani and pairs Aamir with Anushka Sharma for the first time. Going by the track record of the Bollywood superstar, he may end up doing something totally unexpected.

Aamir’s unpredictability was recently focused on by his nephew and actor Imran Khan. Speaking about Aamir, Imran told the media, "The only time I’ve ever been on the set with Aamir was for a promo that we shot for Delhi Belly (2011). I found him to be very different from what I had expected," said Imran. He also added, "I’ve always known him personally. My understanding of him as a creative person, or as an actor, has actually come from the media. So, I had the image of someone who would be micromanaging, and harassing the hell out of everyone. But I found him to be remarkably fluid. It wasn’t that he had set a road map and he had to put his foot exactly at a certain spot."

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