Ilayathalapathy Vijay's little chat with fans via twitter

Ilayathalapathy Vijay recently held a chat session with his fans directly on Twitter. He answered lot of difficult questions with consummate ease.

He asked his fans not to fight with fans of rival actors instead focus on welfare activities. He also said his fans were with him not because of his movies' successes but were with them even during his failures.

For a question about Kaththi music director – Anirudh, he said he is a young man who is full of high energy.About a question about endorsing cola drinks in the past and opposing them in Kaththi, he said lot of Indian celebrities like Sachin, Aamir Khan have also supported in the past. He said he no longer endorses the brand and once he came to know the truth.

He is also happy that Kaththi despite all the pre-release troubles collected 100 cr gross at the box office.

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From Cola controversy to Kaththi release issue, Vijay answered to questions posed by his fans.

A fan questioned, "You did cola advertisement b4 and now you are talking against them in kaththi. Isn't it hypocritical?

The actor replied, "Yes I did an ad earlier...most of the big Indian celebrities like sachin, aamir khan also were brand ambassadors.. I don't endorse the brand anymore. When I heard kathi script it did make sense to me and I voiced it through Jeeva character... feel happy to have done that now. Ennoda thavarugalai thiruthikolgira saadharna manushan dhaan naanum," Vijay tweeted.

"I would be extremely happy if people start questioning political parties like this when they make electoral alliances," he further said.

Another fan posted, "What is your mindset when your movies are being targeted in recent times?"

Vijay replied in a tweet, saying, "It is just not about me or my mindset.. I feel sad for all those people who worked behind every film made."

Regarding "Kaththi" issue, the actor recalled, "They said that the film will not release. They broke the windows of the theatres. They did not open bookings until midnight 12. Yet, the film is said to have minted 100 crore in just 12 days."

A fan asked, "So many issues yet u r so calm and determined, wer do u get that strength?" the for which the actor responded, saying, "silence is the source of great strength."

When asked, "Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?" Vijay replied, "I believe in the BOOK OF LIFE written by God. I really don't know what is in the next page for me. I have lived my pages happily so far and don't want to know what is in store for me. Ennoda kadamaiya correct-a panna aasai padurain...palana edhiparkama! (I would like to perform my duties properly without expecting any rewards)"

Regarding fan-fights in social media, Ilayathalapathy said, "Yes I'm aware & it's unfortunate. I request my fans to stop this & focus their energy more in social issues and show strength."


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