Kaththi Story Issue: TANTIS advices to register scripts to avoid plagiarism

Register scripts to avoid plagiarism: Vikraman
The Tamil Nadu Film Directors Union (TANTIS) is urging directors to register scripts to avoid plagiarism.

This has come in the wake of an allegation that filmmaker A.R. Murugadoss had stolen the script of his Tamil blockbuster "Kaththi" from an aspiring writer called Minjur Gopi.

Gopi has alleged that he had met, discussed and submitted a script to Murugadoss, which has been made into "Kaththi". Gopi, however, didn't have any strong evidence to support his claims.

"Story theft has been a concern over the last few years. It has not happened with "Kaththi", but with several others films as well in the past. The only way to control this is by requesting directors to register their scripts with us," TANTIS president Vikraman had told.

"Most people in the industry are not registered with us. This is not just applicable to directors, but to screenwriters as well. Today, so many people write scripts, but most don't care to register them with the Screenwriters' Association," he said.

Vikraman added that they plan to set up a team to help everybody register their scripts.


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