Mansoor Ali Khan shocked and worried! No one caring for sick Manorama

Manorama was the leading comedy and character actress. She had acted in more than 1000 films.

She has been acting right from MGR and Shivaji period. She has also acted in numerous films which had these day heroes in the lead roles.

Few months back she fell ill because she slipped in the bathroom. She had injuries in her knee. Apart from this she also had kidney problems. She was treated in the hospital for the same. After the treatment she returned home.

Now she has fallen ill once again. People in her house have not admitted her in the hospital. Mansoor Ali Khan who had gone to invite her for his daughter’s marriage was shocked to see her.

He said, "I had been to Manorama’s house to invite her for my daughter’s marriage. I was shocked to see her pathetic condition. Her face was swollen. She was suffering from kidney problems. Dialysis treatment should be given to her. They have not done it and also did not admit her in the hospital.

Manorama has earned Crores of rupees. She has many properties in Chennai. It is not understood that why she is not admitted in the hospital. It is a really sad thing. The entire film fraternity has a great affection for Manorama. I earnestly request the family members to admit her in the hospital and give her the necessary treatment."


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