Sarathkumar warns Vishal, 'will be elimiated from Nadigar Sangam'

Sarathkumar warns Vishal
The feud between Sarathkumar and Vishal seems to be on an unceasing spree and recently with accordance to some controversial speech; Vishal had opposed both Sarathkumar and Radharavi.

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Vishal has become the most wanted person in Actor's association. In an recent interview, Vishal has openly spoken about the inefficiency of the current crop, who heads the actors’ association and quoted that, he, Vishnu, and Arya will act in a movie for free and make use of that profit to get things back on track at the actors’ union.

In reply to this Actor association head, Sarath Kumar had issued a stern warning to Vishal.

This morning, there was a special meeting by Sarath Kumar with his party members in Trichy and during this occasion he said, “Both me and Radharavi are constantly involved in the well being of Nadigar Sangam and have been working towards lots of developmental process. On the contrary, Vishal has been needlessly making up some stories that are unwanted.”

“Actor Vishal doesn’t have the right to speak anything on our mission and hard work that we have been involved for the development of Nadigar Sangam. We are not happy with his behaviour and if he continues to make such deeds, we will not mind dismissing him from Nadigar Sangam.”, he added

Vishal always is commenting indirectly that Associations is going in a wrong way, but now he is directly telling that Association is not at all favour for actors or something.

Sarathkumar says, “We are always favour to our Associations members and Cine workers, we all deal all the issues in good manner”.

He adds,” When Viswaroopam problem arose I and our Association members went to Kamal’s house and talked about the problem on a whole day, but no one can tell anything without joining that meeting. If he is doing like this here after, hardly we’ll remove him from the Association”.


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