Kissing is personal matter, must be private - Actress Shobana

Actress Shobana is not a supporter of the Kiss Of Love event, which is spreading across the country.
Shobana, the veteran actress-dancer expressed her strong disapproval over the Kiss Of Love protest, at a recent event. The actress is of the opinion that kissing is a personal matter.

She said that kissing is a beautiful expression of love and it should remain as a personal matter of two individuals. "I don't know why they are doing it. It is a very personal matter and a personal issue. You might say in public that it is okay, but you won't like your daughter to do this (kissing somebody in public)," said the dancer and actress who was in Bengaluru recently to launch her latest dance production.

She said that there are so many issues in the society which need immediate attention of the public and authorities. Shobana feels that the protests like Kiss Of Love are totally irrelevant.

She points out that there are many people who disapprove such protests; but are reluctant to speak their minds, fearing the opposition of public. Shobana states she personally know some people who pretend to support the Kiss Of Love protest, but completely opposes the same at heart.

Recently, popular Malayalam actors including Mohanlal and Joy Mathew have stated their opinions about the protest. Mohanlal harshly reacted against moral policing; but at the same time, stated that such issues should not be taken seriously. Joy Mathew has also conveyed his strong disapproval at the youth wasting time and energy for such irrelevant campaigns.


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