Lingaa Mania: Punch dialogues, First Show at 12 AM, Huge Cut-Out in America...

Lingaa mania begins all around the world. Entire world is waiting for Rajinikanth’s Lingaa release.
Lingaa movie ticket reservation started last night sharp at 12, when the bookings opened, the ticketing servers crashed, bookings were full and one gets to see only red blocks in the screen of every multiplex.

Every multiplex will run the movie in multiple screens with many shows and the bookings are closed till Sunday.

People are eager to grab tickets for First day first show. Lucky people already got the tickets.

As per the reports, the first day show are expected to begin from 12 AM or 1 in the morning while the second show starts at 4:30 AM.

Advance ticket bookings for the film Linga has been sold for the first day show in many theatres.

Punch dialogues

Rajini’s punch dialogues were the best dialogues in Indian film industry. His famous dialogues from Basha, Shivaji, Padayappa makes him a super hero and it becomes a trendsetter in Tamil Cinema.

Are you excited about Lingaa Punch dialogues?. Here it is. “I don’t need a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Chettiyaar, Naadaar, Mudaliar. Those who call themselves an Indian alone come with me”. Those who call themselves an Indian alone come with me”.

Watch in theatres to feel the power of Lingaa’s punch dialogues.

Huge Cut-Out in USA

Lingaa fever for cine buffs is increasing day by day. Lingaa premier shows will be opened in more than 100 screens on December 11th in USA. Superstar fans are planning for massive Lingaa celebrations.

Fans have planned to place huge Rajinikanth cut-outs outside each and every theatre and out of 328 theatres that will air Lingaa, 100 theatres will host premier shows on 11th of December 2014. Also fans in America have vowed to celebrate the occasion like how it is celebrated in Tamil Nadu.

The premier show of Chicago will be in Rosemont IMAX at 7 PM. The superstar 30 feet huge cutout has been imported from India and Lingaa T-shirts have also been imported to Chicago from India.

The auditorium capacity is close to 500 and is sold out at 25 USD (Rs 1500) per ticket. Free sweets will be distributed by Jai Bala, President, Rajini fan club, Chicago followed by cake cutting ceremony.

Rajinikanth fans in the US have decided to celebrate the release of the movie in a grand festival manner like no other movie has enjoyed in the country.


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