Support to Kaththi is humanitarian, not for call sheet; Pagalavan very soon - Seeman

Reacting to allegations that he backed the release of the Vijay starrer Kaththi in lieu of the star’s call sheet, Seeman has said in an interview that it is absolutely baseless.

Seeman was the first one to support Vijay, while his movie ‘Kaththi’ was facing from pro Tamil groups, especially, Velmurugan. Many people have accused Seeman that he got the call sheet from Vijay for his long time pending project ‘Pagalavan’ and that’s the reason Seeman is backing ‘Kaththi’ and extending support to Vijay.

In a recent interview to a popular weekly, Seeman clarified that help he gave to Vijay during ‘Kaththi’ is entirely based on humanitarian basis. The director said that he did not join in the protest against the release of Kaththi, mainly because he did not want to hinder the hard work of the team. It was an act of civility, but this has been misinterpreted by some people.

The ‘Thambi’ director added that he will be directing ‘Pagalavan’ very soon and he is afraid of someone else might direct a similar movie since he had narrated the story to so many people.


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