Vikram's 'I' gets 3 million views in 3 days
Amy Jackson and Vikram's new trailer for I has attracted more than three million YouTube views in three days.

Launched on December 18, the official trailer sees the former Miss Liverpool play a model in the Tamil language project.

Directed by Shankar, the movie took more than two and half years of filming to complete and is reportedly one of the most expensive films ever made in India.

Jackson recently said that she filmed for 50 days across 27 different cities in China on one of the schedules.

The movie also stars British Asian Bollywood and reality TV star Upen Patel.

Trailer Talk

Answers to some of these prying questions are hinted at in this trailer. We are shown how the once-normal 'I' (Vikram) and his sweetheart (Amy Jackson) talk of growing old together, sing songs of undying love and ever-lasting togetherness.

Cut to the wedding of Amy Jackson's character. Our monster sneaks into the wedding venue through sewers and hidden alleys to kidnap a visibly scared Amy Jackson.

We know that Vikram is a Chennai-based body builder preparing to win the Mr Tamil Nadu title. But looks like a nefarious game is being played out as Vikram gets into one fight after the other, getting into fist fights in gyms, on roof tops, on moving trains, chasing across shallow lagoons and what have you.

We know that Upen Patel, his arch rival, is up to tricks.

But we now know that Vikram's character wants to undo the wrongs of his past. Seething in pain, madly in love, seeking revenge, a devil incarnate to an intrinsically 'unethical' society we live in, 'I' will kill his tormentor and be united with his love, injecting her with the 'virus' that disfigures him…

High on drama, histrionics with lovingly shot exotic locales (China, we are told), great make-up, good acting (we hope) and lots of song-and-dance and action - that's Shankar's new film. It has the makings of a complete entertainer.

Before we end - how can Tamil film not have extra 'istyle'? So, Vikram's character in his happier self plays drums on hundreds of colourful balloons, fantasies of his lady love seeing hundreds of luscious lips floating towards him, rides an ordinary bike that simultaneously turns into a fancy one, bashed up 15 goons but not before tying his shoe lace without touching them… well, the audience has the right to accept some eccentricity, right!

Shanker's new film packs all this and lots more. Waiting for its Pongal release then.


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