Weekend Ticket - Movies Releasing today

Tamil Films Releasing today
December has arrived and the first Friday of this last month of the year has seven Tamil movie hitting screens.

Azhagiya Pandipuram, Manam Konda Kadhal, Nangellam Edakoodam, Pagadai Pagadai, Ra, 1 Pandhu 4 Run 1 Wkt, 13am Pakkam Paarka are the seven Tamil films released on 5th of December.

As there are no noted big releases today, theaters in Chennai are also screening other language films namely, Telugu : Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki, Chakkiligintha English : Exodus :Gods & Kings, This is where I leave you, Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain. Hindi Action Jackson.

Watch the space for more Kollywood updates...


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