Censor Board official explains why transgender scene in 'I' not trimmed

I movie
The transgender protestors demanded an unconditional apology from filmmaker Shankar, lead actor Vikram and comedian Santhanam for negative portrayal of the transgender character and removal of certain ‘objectionable’ scenes from the film.

After shouting slogans against the film, the group met the regional officer of Censor Board, V. Packirisamy, to convey their objections.

Later V.Packirisamy explained that the scenes are just part of a story of the film and that is why the board allowed such scenes in the film. And said that as the film was certified by the censor board, the revising committee and the committee consisting of retired judges, the certificate given by those committees cannot be banned or scenes be removed.

He also added that if the community feels humiliated they could approach the court.


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